AK 47 Disconnector Spring


For Gun Make: AK 47

Specific Part: Disconnector Spring

Material/Finish: Steel

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MPN:  1513

Brand: Wesbaun Consultants Inc


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AK 47 Disconnector Spring 

For AK47, AKM, AKMS, and AK47 style weapons.

The AK 47 Disconnector Spring is a small spring that is located inside the trigger mechanism of an AK 47 rifle. Its main function is to hold the disconnector in place and to provide tension for the disconnector to operate properly.

The disconnector is a small component in the trigger mechanism that is responsible for disconnecting the sear from the hammer when the trigger is released. This allows the hammer to reset and be ready to strike the firing pin again when the trigger is pulled.

Without the proper tension from the disconnector spring, the disconnector may not function correctly, which can result in the malfunction of the rifle. The disconnector spring is an important component in the functioning of the AK 47 rifle and it is essential for the rifle to operate properly.

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