Hi-Point Carbine Trigger Spring Kit


For Gun Make: Hi-Point Carbine

Specific Part: Sear Spring

Material/Finish: Steel

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Brand: Wesbaun Consultants Inc


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Hi-Point Carbine Trigger Spring Kit

This Hi-Point Carbine Trigger Upgrade will reduce the trigger pull weight from 7.75 lbs to an average of 5.5 lbs. This nearly 35% reduction in trigger pull will improve accuracy and overall rifle performance in all
Hi-Point Carbine models and calibers, including the 995, 1095, 4095, 4595, and 3895. The trigger spring kit is an essential aftermarket accessory for Hi-Point Carbines and can be installed quickly.

It is compatible with Hi-Point 45 ACP and 9mm models, as well as the 380, 40, and 10mm calibers.

This upgrade is an effective way to improve the performance of your Hi-Point Carbine.


Polishing the trigger components and sear on a firearm can have a number of effects, depending on the specific parts being polished and the degree of polishing that is done. In general, polishing these surfaces can reduce friction and smooth out the movement of the trigger and sear, which can improve the feel and performance of the trigger.

Here are some specific parts that can be polished on a firearm and the potential effects of polishing each one:

Trigger: Polishing the trigger can smooth out the trigger pull and reduce the amount of force required to pull the trigger. This can make the firearm more comfortable to shoot and improve accuracy.

Sear: Polishing the sear can reduce friction and improve the smoothness of the trigger pull. It can also improve the feel of the trigger and make it easier to release the sear and fire the firearm.

Disconnector: Polishing the disconnector can reduce friction and improve the smoothness of the trigger pull. It can also improve the feel of the trigger and make it easier to release the sear and fire the firearm.

It’s worth noting that while polishing these surfaces can improve the performance of a firearm, it’s important to be careful not to remove too much material or change the geometry of the parts. This can compromise the safety and reliability of the firearm. It’s always a good idea to have a qualified gunsmith perform any modifications and to thoroughly test the firearm after any changes are made to ensure that it is safe to use.

Average Results May Vary

It’s normal for the trigger pull weight of a firearm to vary slightly from one measurement to another.

There are many factors that can contribute to this variation, including the manufacturing processes used to make the firearm, the age of the firearm, the amount of wear and usage the firearm has experienced, and the method used to measure the trigger pull weight.

It’s important to use a reliable and accurate method, like the Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Pull Gauge, to measure the trigger pull weight and to take multiple readings to get an average value.

It’s also important to support and brace the firearm in the same way each time to minimize any additional variations.

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