Lighter Sear Spring for Smith & Wesson SD / SD VE Pistols


For Gun Make: Smith & Wesson

For Gun Model: SD Series

Location On Gun: Trigger Parts

Specific Part: Performance Sear Spring

Material/Finish: Stainless Steel

UPC: 0792713451445

MPN: 1445

Brand: Wesbaun Consultants

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Lighter Sear Spring for Smith & Wesson SD / SD VE Pistols

Improved Sear Spring to fit the SD9 and SD40 & VE.

Precision Spring

Direct replacement for the Sear Spring

Improve your accuracy

Tighten your groups without hurting the reliability of the Sigma

Reduce Trigger pull on Smith and Wesson S&W SD9/SD40 & VE

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: Smith & Wesson SW9VE or SW40VE, this kit will not work in those guns

NOT for use in the Sigma Series pistols

Kit Includes:

One (1) Improved Sear Springs

Lighter sear springs for Smith & Wesson SD and SD VE pistols can offer a number of benefits to shooters. Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading to a lighter sear spring:

  1. Improved trigger pull: A lighter sear spring can result in a lighter and smoother trigger pull, which can make the pistol more comfortable and enjoyable to shoot.
  2. Enhanced accuracy: A lighter trigger pull can help to reduce the amount of movement of the pistol when the trigger is pulled, which can result in improved accuracy.
  3. Reduced fatigue: If you shoot your pistol for extended periods of time, a lighter sear spring can help to reduce fatigue in your finger and hand, making it more comfortable to shoot for longer periods.
  4. Increased reliability: A lighter sear spring can help to reduce wear and tear on the pistol, potentially increasing its overall reliability and lifespan.

Overall, a lighter sear spring can be a great upgrade for your Smith & Wesson SD or SD VE pistol, offering improved performance and comfort for the shooter.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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